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In APT 1.6, the mirror method (mirror://) was reworked. It turned out there's a problem in the rework: When a mirror fails, apt falls back to the next one. However, it did not verify signatures of the InRelease file for the fallback - the successful fallback stood in for the gpg verification of the initial mirror.

Am I affected?

Affected versions

APT 1.6 series, starting at 1.6~alpha6. Fixed in 1.6.3ubuntu0.1 and 1.6.4.

APT 1.7 series (alphas), before 1.7.0~alpha3.

OS releases: Debian testing/unstable, experimental; Ubuntu 18.04, cosmic

Attack scenario



It is highly recommended to replace any mirror:// and (mirror+http, etc) entries with standard http:// entries before performing the upgrade, especially if in an uncontrolled network.

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